An Open Letter to Black Throne Tattoo – Ditch Ryan Parsons!

Note: This is a follow up email in response to the recent behaviour of Ryan Parsons, an employee of Black Throne Tattoo. BTT have stated that they do NOT endorse or support Parsons behaviour. I would also like to note now, that if I receive hate mail and threats from followers of Parsons, it will only serve to prove the impact of his misogynistic comments (which he deems, a joke).
To see the previous story, click here.
June 2nd, 2014
Hi Clint,
While I respect your help and apologies so far, I am greatly disappointed with Ryan Parsons’ apology (see picture attached). It simply sounded as if he were saying, “I got in trouble but I don’t think I should have, but I have to apologise, so I wrote this, but screw everyone because I do what I want.’
There was nothing in Parsons ‘apology’ that sounded remotely sorry, or ’provoked debate’ in a healthy way – as he suggested.
If Ryan had made a thought-provoking comment such as, ‘I’ve seen a lot of violence toward women in the news lately – do you think we need a culture change?’ or ‘What do people think about the need for greater equality?’ those would have been questions which ‘encouraged discussion.’
What Parsons did, was to make bold, misogynist comments, which did not create healthy discussion or show in any way that ‘he respects women’. They created a lot of trolling, and whenever a woman tried to speak up to say that she was upset with what Parsons had written, she was called by Parsons, or other men, all sorts of horrible things. One man’s response was: ‘Too damn funny. Look at all the comments of the angry girls with dirty peaches. Haha struggles real.’ – this was posted under Parsons ‘Vagisil’ drawings. Similarly, Parsons told a woman to ‘buy some cream smelly pants!’
Nothing in his responses has shown respect to women.
When it comes to Black Throne Tattoo, I have nothing against the shop or staff such as yourself, as I have only seen professional responses from yourself, and heard good reports from customers. I make it clear now that I do not encourage boycott’s of your shop, but I do expect you to take responsibility for the actions of your staff, and therefore am calling on you to uphold your store values and fire Ryan Parsons.
Parsons is a reflection of your store. If you state that you will not tattoo people with poor attitudes, or tattoo anything that is racist, why would you employ someone who makes hate-speech against women and insults customers?
If I were to walk around my workplace saying ‘Fuck aborigine rights! Bash Abo’s!’ I would be fired on the spot (and so should anyone who would say something so disgusting). If I turned around and said, ’Lolz, I was just joking. I love and respect indigenous people – I was just provoking discussion,’ no one would take that seriously.
No-one can honestly take Parsons seriously.
I am calling on BTT to take responsibility for your business, and ditch Parsons. Should BTT fail to act promptly, I will not hesitate to take this further.
Please act now and ensure that your business is not affected negatively.
Thank you again,



3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Black Throne Tattoo – Ditch Ryan Parsons!

  1. Cara

    Awesome post! I’ve not stopped worrying about the original image since I saw it on Sunday night and his follow up posts haven’t helped at all. His “apology” post was such a cop out and not an apology at all, just some back peddling because BTT got involved. The fanboys comments supporting him are the the worst, the hatred towards women I’ve seen has been mind boggling to say the least.
    The thing that really makes me sad though (apart from the fact Ryan has a daughter ffs) is how BTT is owned and run by a woman; Rachi Brains. From my understanding she didn’t think his post was offensive at all and thought the amount of attention it was getting was good for business. That really breaks my heart.

    1. sheenaqueen Post author

      Wow Cara. If that is true, it is deeply disturbing. Here I am, feeling sorry for the business – but if Rachi indeed thinks like that, I will no longer stand by and support them.


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