The exploitation of women in QLD Massage venues – I won’t give up the fight

Friday December 5th: Updates & Musings 

1911748_10152018360067483_721426631_nHi guys. It’s been a while since I’ve written about my investigations into Brisbane’s massage industry, but I’m happy to say that there have been some exciting things to come to light as of late. It’s nice to see progress, as tiny as it may be, as there have been many times I have felt too worn down to go on.

I guess when you’re so deeply involved in something, it can be difficult to know at the time how it may go on to affect your mind, body and spirit. Having to trawl through explicit adult forums where punters discuss women like the latest new toy of the week, can be really difficult. Seeing these men discuss how police do nothing can get really disheartening. Watching them laugh as they joke about giving traumatised women ”something to really cry about” is something else entirely.

joking about abusing ML's (3) - Copy

Eventually it all became too much, and I had to take a few months out. But I never forgot, and I never stopped being open to what new opportunities  might present themselves to me.

Just recently, I was contacted by a journalist who wanted to shed light on this issue. I’m not able to discuss it in detail just yet, but I did pass on some crucial information that might help with exposing this issue. I’ve also been in contact with a certain individual from the Licencing Enforcement Unit, who is now forwarding my information onto an investigator. This is encouraging, given that the detective/officer I went to early this year, took more than 6 months to respond to my questions on what had happened to my research (which appeared to be very little).

In better news…Punters have been getting very nervous about the Brisbane massage scene – and so they should. It’s about time they felt some discomfort. From their own posts, I have seen them express anxiety about the increase in news reports on illegal prostitution in Brisbane, and the possibility of a crack down on organised crime pre-election.

discussion of raids (6)

This is good to know, because I have felt so disheartened at times. Frustrated, because some of these venues have been open for years, and I find it hard to believe the police know nothing. I also feel frustrated because disgusting individuals are still exploiting these women, and then blaming them for being ”dirty greedy bitches”, who ”should find a real job if they don’t like it”. Oh yes, because it’s SO easy for someone with little English or a western education to just go out and get a well-paying job isn’t it?!

aggression toward ML's (3) - Copy

One of the hardest thing for me in all of this, is knowing that in revealing the punters, it is impossible not to expose the girls involved in providing illegal services. My fear is that once again, society will frown upon them while the men retain their status and invisibility.

Many men who abuse these women think that they are doing them a favour, by exchanging money for illegal sexual services. But they couldn’t be more wrong, or less of a decent human being, because a real man/woman is someone who sees someone in need, and does what they can to make a positive change in that persons life. Choosing to “help” them by satisfying your own sexual desires, is selfish and disgusting. You are not helping that person to rise above their circumstances… You are keeping them there.

So to all the punters – here’s a revolutionary idea…next time you meet a woman who is struggling financially, how about putting $30 toward some groceries for her, instead of paying her to tug your lonely dick? Better yet, if you have connections to link that person up with someone who can provide training and career/financial assistance, then do it.

Women and men are NOT objects that you can ”help” by treating them as toys for your own  fantasies. Start looking at these women as human beings worthy of respect and assistance. You just might have a chance to become a decent human yourself.


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