Men who purchase women for sex – their own words

This is a straight-to-the-point no confusion blog post which I hope will highlight the reality of how johns (male purchasers of sex) view women. Too often, I will see people argue that johns are lovely people just looking to meet their sexual needs (because their selfish wives won’t put out, or just can’t keep up! Poor menz). I compiled this some time ago, but due to the nature of having to deal with such disgusting content, it has taken me some time to post.

TRIGGER WARNING – Graphic sexual discussions.  

A punter admit’s to seeing bruising and marks on ML’s, but is only worried about her image, not her safety. 

Cloud 9 extra's - Glory (4)

Women can be bought like meat from the butcher : 

like in a butcher

Punter’s don’t care if the young worker isn’t enjoying what they are asking :

girl disconnected from what she's doing

Punter admits to forcing and abusing women in massage shops & brothels :

forcing girls

raising a hand

 natural spring massage (1)

Punters admit to seeing signs of possible trafficking, but don’t care: 

QJ's albion - 2015

Punter shares that ML’s are often pushed to give sexual services, and then abused if they don’t. Other men admit that they don’t care in any way for the welfare of the women they abuse:

aggression toward ML's (3) - Copy

Punters discuss and critique women’s bodies, and rate them in dehumanizing ways :

attitudes toward women's bodies

attitudes toward women's bodies 2

Bamboo Panda - degrading women (1)

Bamboo Panda - degrading women (2)

Punter’s reveal why they prey on Asian ML workers, rather than going to brothels (as they’ve already abused and used prostituted women, and now want ‘fresh meat’).

attitudes toward brothel girls

Female sex worker’s are not respected even after they have died: 

southern cross motel (1)

Let’s be honest – Johns do not respect women, and they do not deserve anonymity. Sex work hurts women everywhere, and it contributes to a society where abusing and preying on women is seen as a ‘right’.

No human has a right to exploit another.

If you are a woman wanting assistance or advice with leaving the industry, please email me –

If you are a man struggling with sex addiction, please seek help. The following websites may be a great place to start:

Feed The Right Wolf A site with lots of resources for those suffering sex addiction; including recovery coaching, a free 30 day trial of ”Covenant Eyes” (filtering software), and allows you to take sex addiction self-analysis tests. It also includes a forum where you can discuss your struggles or victories. There’s some really encouraging stories on there from men who have recovered (and young teenagers).

Sex Addiction Australia “A Sydney and Internet based national service and a professional sex therapist and specialist sex addiction therapy private practise. We provide confidential clinical sex addiction counselling and sex therapy for sexual addictions and sexual compulsive behaviours, for sexual dysfunctions, sexual health and safer sex, and we update you with sex addiction research & information.”

SA Aus also provides support to partners of men/women suffering from sex addiction. E: or call 02 9380 4486

Sex Addicts Anonymous includes information on meetings you can attend in various countries – including Australia (VIC/NSW/QLD)

Sexual Control Helping individuals with sex addictions since 1983, this site also allows you to download the book ”The most personal addiction” for free.

Fight The New Drug – Simple & clear information on how porn affects the brain, damages relationships, and how you can break free of addiction.


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