About me: Passionate about ending human trafficking, exploitation, and challenging toxic cultural views about women and men. I have spent many years researching social justice issues, as well as volunteering with NFP’s who deal with human trafficking. I have spent time in Asian countries with survivors of trafficking, and also with organisations who assist sex industry workers with leaving and finding alternative employment (if that is what they are looking for).

The research that I do into the corruption in QLD Massage shops is done in my own spare time (of which I often am lacking in), and evidence is reported through the correct channels and not always shared publicly on this blog due to the sensitivity of its nature. Likewise, I do not always share about women I have helped on this blog, as some would not be comfortable with this.

This blog exists primarily to bring to light the men who purchase women for money, and prey upon these places (where the majority of women – by choice or not – are there because of a lack of other alternatives). Many of these men are (by their own admission) married or partnered, and seek out these places because they like the ‘thrill’ of pushing for illegal services in a massage shop, and no doubt, also prefer to try and blend in to places where you might not expect illegal prostitution to be going on.

If you are a man who struggles with sex addiction, you may benefit from several of the resources in my blogs.

If you are a woman in need of some advice on leaving the industry (legal or illegal), concerns about starting in the massage industry, or are simply looking for a contact while in QLD, you are welcome to contact me. Comment on my blog to get in touch.


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